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About NewScope

NewScope Group Holdings AG (NSG) invests in people who create future technologies. Founded in 2008, the company continues to develop partnerships with high calibre academics, researchers and inventors

NSG supports and funds groups and individuals as they develop new technologies and ideas, we then work together to translate this research into innovative, high-quality technology products and healthcare services.

Through our subsidiaries, we have nurtured strong partnerships with several of the world's most highly regarded universities, along with globally renowned academic institutions and research centres.

A portion of our resources is directed to emerging technologies, with the aim of discovering, in the early stages, those with significant commercial, social and economic applications. We take a long-term, proactive position on these investments, providing ongoing management support, along with funding, to research scientists.

Managed by a highly experienced board of directors, our international team brings together the unique skills and expertise necessary for a diverse investment group. Our headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland.